The FET13Q is designed for Amplification of acoustic guitars.


                                            FET13Q Specifications:

gain +12 dB

high gain output 0db

low gain output  -6dB

frequency 10hz -> 70khz (-3db point

signal to noise ratio >87dB

input imp. ---

output impedance  high gain 1K

output impedance low gain 2K

9 volt battery powered.

current 8 mA

The FET13Q Piezo pickup preamp is a special high quality preamp for piezo

pickup elements in acoustic musical instruments.

The FET preamp has a very high impedance input , this ensures that the high-impedance output of the piezo is not getting loaded so the frequency response of the pickup piezo gets much larger.The amp has no frequency correction or tone control. This preamplifier is straight frequency characteristic! Most preamplifiers for piezo are colour tone controlled, this results in not longer matching the original sound of the instrument itself, they have a totally different sound, those amps have no straight frequency response.

The FET13Q tries to get the original sound as good as possible to approach,

with high quality.

The preamp has two ouputs, one normal the other is 6db lower for stage

and p.a.

The outputs impedance are very low so inductance and capacitance of

cables has almost no effect.


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7887CE Erica
The Netherlands