The REC-AMP3C is designed for professional studio recordings.


                                            Microphone Specifications:

The RECAMP is a highly sensitive microphone -35 dB (0dB = 1V/Pa, 1 kHz)It is

specially designed for recording acoustic instruments. Please note that this

microphone has an extreme frequency range, over 120 kHz and below 20 hz so

harmonics of the audio can be recorded.

It has also an extreme sensitivity which provides a very direct pure clean sound.

Max. SPL 98dB sound pressure 1.58 Pa

High sensitivity -35 dB (0db = 1V/Pa, 1 kHz)

The impedance is 1 k Ohm

Frequency 20 - 40 kHz-3db point

Caution until 120 kHz ultrasonic. Directivity Omni directional

Operation voltage 9 volts dc, power consumption is 0.5mA.

4 pins XLR out.

Accessories included:

Cable 4pins XLR to jack 2.0 meter.

Spin Tripod (table)


Dimensions in mm

Length 245 mm

Diam.1 6 mm Diam.2 19 mm Diam.3 94 mm include spin

Microphone net weight: 60 gram

                                        Preamp Specifications:

The preamplifier is a special design with very high gain 44 dB and very low noise,

wide dynamic, wideband frequency range, and high Slew rate. This makes it possible

to make recordings in high gain, for example; sound recordings, including acoustic


Gain up to 44 db

Variable gain -16 dB

Frequency 22Hz - 80 kHz-3db point

Bandwidth 1MHz

High signal to noise ratio > 95dB

Maximum input signal-27dB

Balanced output impedance 600 ohms

Operation voltage 9 volt, battery powered. 8mA current consumption on battery

The preamp is powered with a battery which takes care for a clean power signal.

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The Netherlands