PIC-18 pins-prod

PIC-P18 development product board.

One of the problems before starting to program is that a proto board will always have to be fabricated first.

This always takes a lot of time and thought, so this is a product and development board in one with many options.

PIC-P18 board is an development and product board which allow you to prototype, product and

develop code for all Microchip’s PIC microcontrollers with 18 pins.

The on-board ICSP connector allow you to program the PIC on the board without pulling it of the socket,

by ICSP programmer to program and debug it .

Voltage regulator is made with LM317 adjustable voltage regulator and have pcb jumper which selects

what voltage you supply to the PIC microcontroller +3.3V or +5V, so you can work with PICs on both low

and normal voltage.

Standard connection for display with 16 pin connections at the top left.

We left the RS 232 behind as a lot of USB is used such as with the CP2102 USB to TTL Serial UART Bridge.


It is possible to install a shiftregister HC595 for 8 additional outputs for example, control relays

All ports are externally available for further use

An LED test board is also available for testing the shift register output


IMPORTANT: all programmers provide power supply through

ICSP connector during the programming PIC-P18 should not be

powered via the external power jack!

PIC-P18 have 3 user buttons Menu, Up and Down for user input connected to PIC microcontroller’s

RB4, 5 and 6 port.


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