The FET51P is designed for live performances, professional studio



                                            FET51P Specification:

max. input signal  +12 dB                         48 volt phantom powered +/- 10%

buffer output 0db                                     current 21 mA

impedance 1 K                                         dc converter:

insert loss -12db                                      freq. 120khz

xlr output imp. 600 ohm                          18volt

frequency 10hz-30khz (-3db point)          max current 100 mA

frequency 10hz-50khz (-6db point)
signal to noise ratio >90dB
input imp. ----

The FET51P is a Direct Box that represents the best of Active and Passive designs.

It has an extremely high input impedance , Extremely Low noise and distortion

and a transformer balanced output with screened output transformer.

Possibility to lift Ground, and earth isolation (isolated internal DC/DC converter).

This Active Direct Inject (D.I.) Box is designed for optimum performance jointly with

any musical instrument signal source, The input is buffered by a FET (Field Effect

Transistor) class (A) preamplifier which has a high input impedance. The XLR

output is isolated with a high performance audio transformer while the screened

output transformer provides perfect isolation between the input and XLR output of

the D.I. Box. The FET51P also has one output to provide a buffered output

connection to a stage/musicianís amplifier. The transformer provides maximum

immunity to external electrical interference and also reduces earth noise to an

absolute minimum in particular used in electrically hostile environments. This D.I. is

designed to operate without earth, many other active D.I. boxes will not operate

correctly, or will not operate at all when the earth switch is lifted as there is no

return path for the 48 volt Phantom Power.There is a DC/DC converter used to

power the di-box true its own isolation transformer, this provides earth isolation

at all times.  High level inputs up to +12dBu are no problem, pad switch is not needed!. The D.I.ís high input impedance minimizes loading of the signal source.

This results in minimal loss of frequency response when used with instruments with

high source impedances, for example guitar pickups, Piezo pickups etc.

The FET51P is also suitable to connect low output impedances such as keyboards,

mixers and other equipment.

Impedance matching is not required, because matched impedances low to high are

generally undesirable and normally not used in audio systems.

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